My SonarQube ReSharper Plugin is Officially Deprecated

Header Photo Credit: Lorenzo Cafaro (Creative Commons Zero License)

Well, it seems the perceived success of my SonarQube ReSharper plugin was it's own downfall. Less than 30 days after it's official release, that plugin, as it exists today, is now officially deprecated. The SonarSource team has taken it upon themselves to completely rewrite ReSharper integration with the next release of what is currently called the ".net ecosystem" plugins (coming this month) and I am bowing out of developing for SonarQube.

And as I was writing this post, I received an email from SonarSource with this:

I didn't want to touch your repository at the time I started this work, because I would indeed have needed to discuss this with you first, and I was under some time pressure.

You also correctly identified that this implies that your plugin is de facto end of lifed.

I am going to have to ask for the removal of the repository, and to prefix your Jira component name by "(Deprecated)".

This will remove any possible confusion between your plugin and the library.

Seems they are more than happy to run me out of town, but want me to hang my own eviction notice -- perhaps as some sort of extra humiliation?

Unfortunately, it is unlikely I can even use the new plugin, as it will not support reuseReport mode. Additionally, SonarSource's stated (and restated) goal is to eventually drop support for ReSharper and all third-party tools, so this is a temporary solution.

While I am in a "wait and see" mode right now to determine if I will even continue utilizing SonarQube at all once these changes go live with v4.2, I will not be providing additional support or fixes for the current sonar-dotnet-resharper plugin.

This makes me very sad -- and angry. But I guess I should have seen this coming, considering just getting the ReSharper plugin approved was like pulling teeth, and then my NUnit integration plugin was killed. Shame on me for not seeing this coming. Or maybe my Java skills are just that bad.

So, that's all for my involvement with the SonarQube ReSharper integration. I appreciate those who helped while it lasted, and hope those of you who are using it are able to continue with the new version.

If you want the details, just take a look at the last two weeks on the SonarQube dev mailing list. There are too many threads to list here.

Personally, I have two other side projects currently active. I'm helping out with the That Conference organization team and I'm working with a couple of friends to write an Azure Cloud plugin for TeamCity.